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Is nano-silicon powder dissolved in water?

The biggest immediate challenge for the EU will be replenishing its depleted gas inventories. While the EU could still increase LNG imports from countries such as the US, such purchases would be more expensive.
Refilling natural gas storage space to historical average levels this year could cost 70 billion euros, a sevenfold increase, compared to 10 billion euros in previous years. "
A complete replacement for Russian gas is not only very expensive, but it also may not be possible.
In the next 12 months, there is little way to meet the demand for a "normal" year in the absence of Gazprom, which also includes sodium silicate powder.

Is nano silica powder dissolved in water?

Nano silica powder is insoluble in water.

Does nano silicon powder have any special function

Silica micro powder is added to special refractories to form multi-layer protective layer during oxidation, which has good mechanical properties and high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance. After adding ultrafine silica micro powder to special refractories, its fluidity, sintering property, bonding property and filling porosity are all improved in different degrees. The structural density and strength are improved, the wear rate of materials is reduced, and the corrosion resistance is enhanced

2. Application of Silicon Powder in Adhesives and Sealants

When silicon powder is used in new adhesives and sealants, it can quickly form network like silica structure, inhibit colloid flow, speed up curing, and greatly improve bonding and sealing effects

3. Application of Silicon Powder in Electronic Industry

Silicon micro powder is used for electronic assembly materials, which is mainly used to prevent water, dust, harmful gas, vibration, external force damage and stabilize the circuit When the amount of high-purity superfine and nano silica is more than 70~90%, epoxy plastic encapsulated electronic materials can have excellent processability, small shrinkage, small coefficient of thermal expansion, good acid and alkali resistance and solvent insulation

4. Application of Silica Powder in Plastics and Modified Resins

Silica micropowder is used in plastics, especially in translucent plastic films. After adding superfine silica, its strength, toughness, waterproof performance, energy storage and thermal insulation performance are greatly improved. In plastic structural materials, its mechanical properties can be improved by 1-3 times after adding silica micropowder For the modified resin matrix composites, it can improve the strength, toughness, elongation, wear resistance, finish and aging resistance of the composites

Application of Silicon Powder in Paint and Coatings

Silicon micro powder is used in paints and coatings (commonly used in ready mixed paint, primer, antirust paint, anti-corrosion paint, road paint, square paint, ship paint and other paints and coatings) to reduce the use of resin and dispersant in paints and coatings It can not only play the role of filling, compatibilizing, thickening and matting, but also improve the fineness, leveling performance, film hardness and arc resistance insulation of paint It has remarkable effects on water resistance, rust prevention, corrosion prevention, anti caking, anti flow column, thixotropy, anti ultraviolet radiation, anti-aging and improving the storage stability of paint

5. Application of Silicon Powder in Rubber Materials

Used in new rubber materials (silicone rubber, etc.), it has excellent dispersion and leveling, tear resistance, tension resistance, aging resistance and reinforcement Compared with precipitated silica at the middle and low end of the market, quartz powder is superior to precipitated silica in terms of SiO2 content (above 99.6%), water content (less than 0.1%), sodium silicate powder, please feel free to contact us and send an inquiry.

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