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What is the chemical stability of niobium carbide

What is NbC powder?

Niobium carbide is a green cubic crystal with a metal radiance coming from a sodium chloride-type cubic crystal system. Its melting point is high, its firmness is high (microhardness is 235GPa, which is harder than diamond), and also its chemical stability is great (it is secure at one 000 ~ 1 100 ℃ and also swiftly oxidizes to niobium pentoxide over one 100 ℃). Insoluble substances are cold and hot hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and also nitric acid, as well as they are just soluble in the warm blended option of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid. Niobium carbide is simple to melt in titanium carbide, zirconium carbide, tungsten carbide, as well as other substances, leading to an isomorphic strong option, so it can be made use of to make cermet, heat-resistant alloy, and also cemented carbide. The sealed carbide with niobium carbide has fine-tuned grain and also improved all-around efficiency. The cutting tools made of it likewise have excellent thermal hardness, thermal shock resistance, as well as thermal oxidation resistance.


What is NbC powder used for

? As one of the raw materials of composite ceramic materials, composite ceramic products made of composite ceramic products are often made use of in wear-resistant components, reducing devices, electrodes, and various other fields as a result of their high solidity, high melting factor, excellent chemical stability, and electric conductivity.

Cemented carbide can not just be made use of as a prevention of concrete carbide grain growth however likewise form the third dispersed phase except WC and Co along with other carbides, which can significantly improve the thermal solidity, thermal shock resistance, warm pressing resistance as well as oxidation resistance of cemented carbide. Niobium carbide can be utilized to prepare concrete carbide device materials with exceptional reducing performance as a result of its benefits of raising the solidity and also boosting the fracture strength of the alloy.

The tough niobium carbide tough phase of the surfacing-covered electrode goes into the framework of the appearing layer, which gives the welding layer a great wear-resistant skeletal system and also substantially boosts the wear resistance. The wear resistance of this protected electrode appearing wear-resistant alloy is 1.2 ~ 1.8 times higher than that of quenched No. 45 steel (HRC50) and 2.4 ~ 3.6 times higher than Fe-Cr-C-B wear-resistant alloy. At the very same time, the hard-facing layer can be welded externally of the workpiece without pre-heating, as well as the tiny cracks generated on the surface can launch the tension of the hard-facing layer. They will not spread out into the base product. D. Including a percentage of niobium carbide to the steel strengthening phase during steelmaking can achieve the effects of rainfall conditioning and great grain strengthening, therefore enhancing the extensive mechanical properties of steel.

Aerospace elements are made use of as prep work products for lots of aerospace tools parts, such as generator blades, gas tails, blades, engine nozzle linings, as well as architectural members of atomic power plants.

Chemical residential or commercial properties of NbC powder

Niobium carbide is a green cubic crystal with a metallic luster coming from a sodium chloride-type cubic crystal system. The loved one thickness is 8.47, the lattice constant a= 0.447 nm, and the melting point is 2300 ℃. The microhardness is > 235GPA (> 2400kg/mm2), which is more difficult than corundum. The elastic modulus is 338000N/mm2; the thermal development coefficient is 6.65×& times; 10-6/ K, the thermal conductivity is 14w/( m? K), and the produced warmth of 1 chemical book is 40.7 kJ/mol. The specific heat ability is 36.8 J/( mol? K), and also the resistivity is 35 μ ω& mu; & omega;? cm 。 Insoluble in hot and cold hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and nitric acid, soluble in a hot combined service of hydrofluoric acid and also nitric acid. It is stable at 1000 ~ 1100 ℃ and rapidly oxidizes to niobium pentoxide above 1100 ℃. Niobium carbide is easy to melt in titanium, zirconium carbide, tungsten carbide, as well as various other substances, developing an isomorphic solid option mixture.

The price of NbC powder

The marketplace rate of NbC powder is influenced by various aspects. Presently, its market price is in the process of dynamic adjustment. If you need it, please contact us at any time.

NbC powder vendor

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