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Use proper methods to make good use of rolling bearings

Rolling bearings are a kind of precision mechanical support element. Bearing users deeply hope that the bearing installed on the main engine will not be damaged and maintain its dynamic performance within the predetermined period of use. However, the objective facts are sometimes not satisfactory, and sudden bearing failure accidents Will cause heavy losses to users. How to make good use of rolling bearings is also very important to users.

Bearing assembly method

Because bearings are high-precision products, the improper assembly can easily cause damage to the bearing raceway, resulting in bearing damage. When assembling the bearing, there should be a special mold, which can not be knocked at will. When pressing into the shaft, only the small circle can receive the force, and the large circle can only receive force. When assembling, it is required to use air pressure or hydraulic pressure. The upper and lower molds should be outside the horizontal state during press-fitting. If there is a tilt, the bearing channel will be damaged due to force, which will cause the bearing to produce noise.

Prevention of assembly foreign matter

When the bearing is installed on the rotor for dynamic balancing, it is easy to enter the iron filings generated during the dynamic balancing into the bearing, so it is best to perform dynamic balancing before installing the bearing. For the convenience of assembly, some manufacturers apply some oil or grease in the bearing chamber for lubrication effect during assembly. However, it is often difficult for operators to control the amount. If a large amount of oil or grease accumulates in the bearing chamber, it will be very difficult when the bearing rotates. It is easy to enter the inside of the bearing along the shaft. It is best not to coat the bearing room with oil or grease. If it is absolutely necessary, it must be controlled not to accumulate in the bearing room.

Bearing raceway noise

The raceway sound is caused by the rolling elements rolling in the raceway when the bearing rotates, and a kind of smooth and continuous noise is exciting. It only attracts people's attention when its sound pressure level or tone is extremely high.


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